The Onion On My Internet Belt

“Toward the end of the afternoon all work slacken and all jobs go
Slower as the people feel day closing on them.”
-Carl Sandburg, “Skyscraper” from Chicago Poems.

I took the first hour of my work day today to do something I have been saying I was going to do for years. I hiked down to Shadow Falls and took a picture. Most people who work on campus don’t even know they are a half mile from a waterfall. It was muddy and cold and lonely and I’m glad I went.


Straight from the Nikon: Shadow Falls

Speaking of years going by, this blog is apparently already five years old. To quote Peter Gabriel “but I don’t know how to stop, I don’t know how to stop”.

This last week I sewed a number of buttons on a number of different clothing items (yeah, I’m a complete person full of multitudinous life skills). Buttons remind me of life in the biological sense. There is a subtle and seemingly infinite variation that allows these things to fit different and distinct niches in the world.

Embed from Getty Images

The same applies to shoes.

Embed from Getty Images

Anyway, on to the main event.

Listen to and/or download this podcast! The Funkomaticjamatron Presents… originally mixed the week of 10.7.16

NOTE: New “The Funkomaticjamatron Presents…” podcasts are generally posted on Fridays. The show archives are around ten shows deep. Beyond that, if the link isn’t active, the mix has been deleted to make way for new material.

Song – Artist – Album
Glacial – Dinky – Anemik.
The Changeling – Phutureprimitive – Kinetik.
See (Beacon Remix) – Tycho & Beacon – See (Remix Single).
Swallow Me – Deep Dish – George Is On.
Running Up That Hill – Placebo – Covers.
Hole Throbbing Hole – Hype Attracter – Brownback Universe.
Planting the Hydrophones – J. Ralph – The Cove.
Her Face Forms In Summertime – The Future Sound Of London – Dead Cities.
Cherry-Coloured Funk – Cocteau Twins – Otherness [EP].
Cinderella – Hooverphonic – A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular.
Nothing Is Something Worth Doing – Shpongle – Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland.
The Silken Whip – Afro Celt Sound System – Volume 3: Further In Time.

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