The Onion On My Internet Belt


Good news, everyone! The laptop I use for mixing and music storage is back up and sounding like it should! It took many hours but after a massive uninstall/reinstall, I’m back in business! NB: The real credit goes to my wife, Mary. She did the real heavy lifting here when I reached my point of utter frustration.

In the meantime I have built up somewhere between 8 and 12 mixes either ready to stitch together or on the cusp of being ready. That means the only impediment to your hearing them is the time needed to do the final run on each (which is between 45 and 90 minutes per mix).

So, music again soon! Will I owe you apologies for mixes that are too clever for their own good? Maybe. Will you get that apology? Maybe not. I’ll consider your interest piqued.

Are there other things I could ramble about? Yes! Am I going to? No!

I’m as shocked about that as you are.

Here is a picture I set up some time ago, but the theme of Star Wars Mania is apropos my current gaming obsession.


july 27 2008 2737694532_324ae3d9c7_b

That armor’s too thick for blasters!

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