The Onion On My Internet Belt

Thanksgiving has come and gone here in the U.S. There was turkey, stuffing, and family. Then there was just stuffing and turkey. Now there is just a little turkey left that might need to be thrown out. It’s the circle of life.

Winter showed up but not in force until I got the lights up on the house. It isn’t such a big deal to do now. A few years ago I lost my bottle (as they say in the peloton) and decided I wasn’t interested in crawling out to the edge of the roof for the sake of a few LEDs and put up hooks that can all be easily reached via ladder.

Took the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off to see the Delacroix exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. If you get the chance, I highly recommend it. Took me two hours to get through it. The curation is exceptional, as are the works on display.

Been playing* a lot of the new Star Wars Battlefront for PS4. While the game looks fantastic and fulfills a certain fetish for immersion in the Star Wars oeuvre, the modes and boards are limited for a big title. There is plenty of DLC (downloadable content) on the way but I already paid for the game once, do I really want to pay for it again? We’ll see.

*Exclusively getting shot in the groin or alternately face by the opposing side for ten minutes at a time.

Now that the small talk preliminaries are taken care of: The Bad News. When I updated the laptop to Windows 10 it shredded the audio driver. There is no hyperbole in saying that the audio output is so bad that I find it unlistenable. This is trouble for the ol’ blog because that is the platform that the mixing happens on. I’ve put in a few hours trying to correct the problem via uninstalls, reinstalls, setting changes, forum consultations, and so many restarts but to no avail. The sound files are fine and if transferred to a different platform sound as they should. So, if you know how to fix the Dolby audio driver for a Lenovo N580, please let me know. In the short term that means no mixes. There are work arounds but how badly do I want to work for it? Hint: Not as badly as you might think.

When the mixes do show up again they will most likely be the Audience Participation Series ideas that a few of you submitted.

To hold you over, a few “Seasonal Gems”:
Merry Christmas Santa (You’re A Lovely Guy) by Max Headroom.
Jingle Bells (Single Version) by Yello.
Jingle Bells by the Mistletoe Disco Band.
The Elves Revolt, a Six Million Dollar Man audio story.

And if you made it this far, here is a picture I took that I think is pretty good.

Metal snow flake ornament with white LED

Metal snow flake ornament with white LED


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