The Onion On My Internet Belt

I read (a couple years ago now) a pithy tweet saying “archiving is the new forgetting”. There seems to be more than a grain of truth to that idea. The mix below? I built the playlist back in April. A file put into a folder which gets dragged into another folder and then next thing you know it might not as well have ever existed. Luckily the idea came back to me and I went poking about with a dim memory of having already done this before.

This one is for all my crate diggers out there! All 12” mixes. Three of them are actually recorded from vinyl I own.

Listen to and/or download this podcast! The Funkomaticjamatron Presents… 12 Inch Mixes Originally mixed the week of 10.30.15

NOTE: New “The Funkomaticjamatron Presents…” podcasts are generally posted on Fridays. The show archives are around ten shows deep. Beyond that, if the link isn’t active, the mix has been deleted to make way for new material.

Song – Artist – Album
Music (Groove Armada 12” Mix) – Madonna – Music [Single].
The Word (12″ Mix) – Dope Smugglaz – The Word 12” single.
Beauty Queen (12″ Spoon Club Mix) – Snap! – Beauty Queen [EP].
All or Nothing (12″ Extended Mix) – Miisa – Club Hits.
A Little Bit of Ecstasy (12″ Mix) – Jocelyn Enriquez – A Little Bit of Ecstasy 12×2” single.
Everybody Needs A 303 (Original 12″ Mix) – Fatboy Slim – Everybody Needs A 303 [Single #1].
Remember (ESCM 12″ Mix) – BT – R&R (Rare & Remixed) [Disc 1].
I Want Your Body (12″ Mix) – Nymphomania – I Want Your Body 12” single.
To The Sun (12″ Mix) – Ozone – In To The Mix II The 2nd Coming [Disc 2].
Atlas (12″ Version) – Monolake – Atlas / Titan.

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