The Onion On My Internet Belt

Placation. That is the purpose of this writing. Not so much to placate you, dear reader, but to placate my own sense of putting something creative into the world. Throughout my extremities I feel a dull buzz that tells me I’ve been idle but I’ve almost no internal fuel with which to shake my limbs alive and into action. I feel tapped out and that maybe I don’t have much to say at the moment.

There have been plenty of stones put in place as foundations for later edifices. Plans dreamed and drawn but yet are intangible in results. In short I need to make time to actually sew the musical fabric together into a whole from its disparate pieces.

But for now, some things that have been on my mind, in no particular order…

When I’m in the shop I often think about the potential of individual tools. Here is a short list of the most useful tools in my physical toolbox.
– Speed square
– Cordless drill/driver
– Flat or pull saw
– Grain scoop
– Pocket knife (I carry a “Fieldmaster” model Swiss Army Knife)
– Pencil
– Paper
– Caulking gun
– Sandpaper
– Drill gauge

When I think back to my own experience in elementary school I don’t recall my parents being called upon to do much other than go to conferences and sign a few permissions slips. My Mom volunteered in the office making mimeographs but that was utterly separate from my classroom and I rarely saw her do this if ever. I also don’t remember having any homework. Now that kiddo is in first grade, there are a number of demands on parental time that I didn’t know were coming. This isn’t a complain so much it is an expression of surprise. And the tide of papers that gets sent home! I feel like a forest has been murdered just for my child. And there is homework already! I was even warned by his teacher that next year the uptick in homework is “very substantial”.

Kiddo lost his first tooth on Sunday while eating a pickle and drinking chocolate milk. The loss of the tooth was easy and without incident. The potential of a visit from the Tooth Fairy however was problematic. Turns out he is scared of a magical creature creeping into the house at night and stealing his teeth. All of them. He also isn’t big on the idea of giving away a part of his own body to a specter in the night. So, no Tooth Fairy at our place. Corollary: The lies we tell children are often not for the benefit of children so much as they are a sidestep for a tough bit of parenting.

What if my GTAV character was a real, live person?

Embed from Getty Images

And with that, off I go back into the racks and stacks.

Comments on: "Getting Around To Getting Around" (1)

  1. I’m totally against this new trend towards loading kids up with homework. There’s too much of it, leaving no time for a social life or other activities, and it’s completely unnecessary in the younger grades (i.e. before 5th grade or so).

    As for the Tooth Fairy, we had the same thing happen at our house. My daughter kept all her teeth, and my son kept his last two for several months until last night when I was informed just before bedtime that he was going to put those two teeth under his pillow. The Tooth Fairy would appreciate more notice in future so she’s sure to have change on hand.

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