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I’ve got ideas. Lots of ideas. I don’t bother to catalog most of them as it would be a fool’s errand on the best of days. Sometimes I think I should do something about these ideas and when they are well formed with a structure where there is something like a place to start, a step to take, and a goal to meet I do. But more often I just let the slips of paper blow around in my skull.

Here are a few of those slips of paper, snatched from the atmosphere randomly.

Does anybody remember the song “Watching TV” by Roger Waters from the album Amused to Death? I didn’t like that album when I reviewed it for my high school newspaper. I still don’t like it but there are moments on that album that contain very sharp and very current commentary. That is the mark of a good work of art.

My record collection is not good. It’s full of oddities, encumbrances, questions of “why on earth…?”, things lost to time, discs that are better to look at than to hear, and occasionally something great. My Dad had records but I grew up on tapes. Got my first CD in 1990. When I did college radio there were on the order of 14,000 records at the station so I played vinyl because they were there and strange and funny and odd. I played the Howard the Duck soundtrack more than once. One used to be able to go to a junk shop and buy some crazy crap for a buck. Stuff like this!

So cheap we couldn't even afford an in focus cover!

So cheap we couldn’t even afford an in focus cover!

Sounds like it looks.

Sounds like it looks.

Apparently organ music is a sub genre I prefer.

Apparently organ music is a sub genre I prefer.

That is the spine of my collection. That and colored 7” singles that were too awful to play even on college radio. While I do own a couple records that are amazing to listen to for sound quality, most of the time it just doesn’t matter. You have to have the ear training, the time, the quiet, and the equipment to be able to tell the difference and the vast bulk of the time you can’t. I guess why I like records is the junk store browsing for treasure part and now that the previous generation’s music collections have all hit the bin, everything is expensive and not so much fun. Probably better that way for me. I spent about 30 hours this summer translating records to CD (which are also now out of date) so I could put them on my laptop. I refuse to be hindered by format.

“Jem” is a better cartoon than I realized at the time. It’s about a woman who is talented, cares for others (she runs a foster home for girls), and is competent in business. While she does have a romantic interest who does save her from physical harm (it is a product of it’s time) he isn’t her main focus. We watch episodes in the morning before school sometimes. Season three is a crapfest though. The theme song moves from being about Jem to being about “Jem girls” and the women in the show are suddenly defined by their relationship to and feelings about men.

I hope my son’s generation does better about gun control than my generation is doing. There is certainly a less cavalier attitude towards gun violence on TV shows that kids might watch now. I remember growing up on The A-Team and G.I. Joe.

Here is a picture of a fox I took this last weekend in Duluth, Minnesota.

While interested in eating graham crackers and within 6 feet of us, I still don't know what it says.

While interested in eating graham crackers and within 6 feet of us, I still don’t know what it says.

A parable about dignity: It is very common these days for bicycles to have what are called “clipless pedals”. It is a cleat on the bottom of the shoe that clicks in like a ski boot. Well, when a rider is new to these (you have to twist your heel outward to click out) it is de rigueur to have a problem clipping out and to subsequently hit the deck. Everyone does it at least once. Here is the good part though: In all my years of cycling the same reaction from other cyclists to this incident prevails. The new person goes down. Other cyclists hustle over to ask if they are OK. When they say “yes” with some amount of embarrassment the other cyclists turn away and move on as if nothing happened. We need to turn away in this manner more often in our daily lives.

Turns out I have a mental aversion to buying clothes for the express purpose of being used for outdoor work. See, my old lawn mowing shoes are about 4 years old. A pair of New Balance sneakers that when they had gotten to ratty for general usage were downgraded to lawn work. Those shoes are now worn out altogether and my next pair of sneakers are still in fine shape so over the weekend I bought a pair of shoes for lawn, garden, shop, and other handyman tasks and it was oddly hard to do. It wasn’t the money. It was the idea that I would spend money on a new thing to basically then destroy that thing. All my work pants are old ratty jeans. Same with work shirts, they aren’t in good enough shape to wear in daily use. I’m not really sure what this says about me.

Soon the regular postings with music mixes with return. If you have ideas for themes or seed songs for mixes, let me know.


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  1. “I’m not really sure what this says about me.” It says you are practical!

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