The Onion On My Internet Belt

Ersatz. That is what this post is.

Why? Because there is no mix attached.

The way my job is structured I have the double edged sword of working 4 days a week during the summer (as defined ‘June through August’). Nice to have the days off for projects, but I don’t get paid for them. This summer the office will be closed on Fridays.

That is the day I write and post the blog. This throws a spanner into the whole schedule of planning, mixing, and then posting. That isn’t so great. The upside is that a hiatus gives me a chance to collect more music and recharge creatively. There may still be words and things here, but sporadically and with less focus, until September rolls around again.

Now if it is the case that you just can’t bear life without an occasional mix, you can email me and I just might be able to make accommodations*.

Here is what I hope my summer will look like.

Embed from Getty Images

So, until next time, be kind, take care of each other, and get one of those white onions for your belt if you can.

*Subject to terms and conditions such as: Did you ask nicely? Do you have my email address? Did you offer an amusing idea or theme? Are you up to date on your Secret Club Member dues? Did you ply me with gifts? And so forth.


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