The Onion On My Internet Belt

(Turns lights on)

(Runs fingers over dusty surfaces)

(After a fashion of distance and existential uncertainty, a sigh)

I see that the last time I was here was in early July. It is now the very tail of August. Let that stand as a testament to how much of my mental powers starting a new job has consumed.

My son is starting kindergarten next week. What? Am I suffering some sort of panic over that? A fair question which I will cunningly sidestep with a “Possibly”.

I’ve started a number of posts in the lost time of yesterday. Without exception they were well intentioned but doomed. I tried to say too much about too many things. That isn’t really why either of us is here, is it? I thought not. Luckily for both of us I can, at a certain volume of text, effectively self edit. Here are the important shards:

My continuous glucose monitor is working well. Talking about the meter leads me into a complex morass of having to bring to light my diabetes management and it turns out I’m not as comfortable talking about that as I had imagined. I’m not scared of it but I don’t think folks want to hear it. Oh, and I don’t really want to dwell, in print, on my own impermanence. I still hope to write up a nuts-and-bolts piece on the physical process and usage of the Dexcom G4 Continuous Glucose Monitor.

What should I call these posts? Mixes? Playlists? Shows? Podcasts? Does this minor language choice matter when what I’m doing is basically making a digital mixtape each week? Can I even acknowledge the concept of a mixtape without accidentally throwing the very existence of this blog [this same debate goes for the word “blog” as well] and its contents backward in time? Does it matter to anyone but me?

Changing jobs is stressful. Corollary: I’m unforgiving of myself well beyond the limits of what others externally are willing to forgive in my work.

Feeling attractive and valued is nice. We could all stand to pay more compliments to each other.

Enough with the words! On to the music! This week I bring you TWO mixes. One, a story. Two, beats and beats and beats showcasing The Crystal Method.

Listen to and/or download this podcast! The Funkomaticjamatron Presents… originally mixed the week of 8.26.14

NOTE: New “The Funkomaticjamatron Presents…” podcasts are generally posted on Fridays. The show archives are generally ten shows deep. Beyond that, if the link isn’t active, the mix has been deleted to make way for new material.

Song – Artist – Album
After Dawn – Letherette – Letherette.
Melanine – Tycho – Dive (Deluxe Version).
Mr. Jones – RED – City Of Industry.
Her And The Sea – Ulrich Schnauss – A Long Way To Fall.
Naked – Rebro – Naked.
Ride the Wave – Darren Tate – Horizons, Vol. 02.
The Spectacle (Ott Remix) – STS9 – Peaceblaster (The New Orleans Make It Right Remixes).
Pay Per View – Orbital – The Altogether.
Just a Night or Two – William Orbit – Strange Cargo 5.
Love Is Everywhere – Kris Menace – Features.
Sommeil – Outputmessage – Nebulae.
The Passportal – Team Sleep – The Matrix Reloaded.
Breakfast – Balazko – Renaissance 3D.

Listen to and/or download this second bonus podcast! The Funkomaticjamatron Presents… The Crystal Method

Song – Artist – Album
Divided By Night – The Crystal Method – Divided By Night.
The Winner – The Crystal Method – Tweakend.
The Grid (Remixed By The Crystal Method) – Daft Punk – TRON: Legacy Reconfigured.
I Know It’s You – The Crystal Method – Legion of Boom.
High Roller (Myagi Remix) – The Crystal Method – Vegas (Deluxe Edition).
The Vapor Trail Conspiracy – The Crystal Method – From
110 to the 101 – The Crystal Method – The Crystal Method.
Double Down Under – The Crystal Method – Divided By Night.
Weapons of Mass Distortion – The Crystal Method – Legion of Boom.
Jupiter Shift – The Crystal Method – The Crystal Method.
High and Low – The Crystal Method – Legion of Boom.
Fire to Me – Hyper vs The Crystal Method – From
Glass Breaker (Force Mass Motion Mix) [Full Length] – The Crystal Method – Drive.
Born Too Slow (NuBreed Remix) – The Crystal Method – Born Too Slow EP.
Bad Stone – The Crystal Method – Vegas

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