The Onion On My Internet Belt

So, I’m completing my first week of the new job. It’s very strange no knowing everything. The pace is reasonable to slow (rather than crushing in the old office). It’s kind of lonely but I expected that during the summer. There is no real training process so I’m very glad to have been an internal candidate so I already know folks to contact if I have trouble. I’m not sure what work to focus on and that is strange too.

Here are a couple pictures of my new space.

New Office, my general view.

New Office, my general view.

New Office, view from the hall.

New Office, view from the hall.

Listen to and/or download this show! The Funkomaticjamatron Presents… originally mixed the week of 6.26.14

NOTE: New “The Funkomaticjamatron Presents…” mixes generally post on Fridays. The show archives are generally ten shows deep. Beyond that, if the link isn’t active, the mix has been deleted to make way for new material.

Song – Artist – Album
LFO (Steinbach & Diggler Remix) – LFO – LFO (single).
Anomaly (Calling Your Name) – Libra Presents Taylor Feat. Jan Johnston – R&R (Rare & Remixed) [Disc 1].
I Love You (BT Mix) – Sarah McLachlan – R&R (Rare & Remixed) [Disc 2].
Rock Da House – P.D.Q. – In To The Mix II – The 2nd Coming.
Geeza – Pig & Dan & Underworld – Then & Now.
Annihilate (Timo Maas Mix) – Major North – Music For The Maases [Disc 2].
Broken English (7″ Extended Mix) – Sunscreem – Love U More (Single).
Seven Days & One Week (The Rollo & Sister Bliss Remix) – B.B.E. – Renaissance 3D.
Pray For You (Feat. Gary Numan) – Plump DJs – Eargasm.

Comments on: "Short Ruminations on the New Office, play list 6-26-14" (1)

  1. It’s always a bit weird when you start a new job. You’ll find your groove soon enough. (I will be going through this process myself in mid-July.)

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