The Onion On My Internet Belt

I use Comcast for my home email and while I don’t mind their service overall I feel obligated to point out that their home page on the web is Everything That Is Wrong With American Culture and I feel diminished as a person each time I have to log in though that page. I have never been pleased with the main page that Comcast uses to log in to their services. It is busy, poorly organized, and what I consider to just be plain trashy as it is littered with the worst kind of pop news tripe and “advertorials”.

A further realization has been creeping over me and today it was confirmed. Comcast hates women*.

Below are three screen shots that I have taken (yes, I’ve been meaning to write this up for some time) of various ‘news’ stories and videos as displayed on

From 5-30-13:

On the left a famous woman (note her crotch is in the shot) stirs outrage, but just to the right a tiny dress “wows”.

On the left a famous woman (note her crotch is in the shot) stirs outrage, but just to the right a tiny dress “wows”.

First off, who the hell is outraged and are they the same people who are wowed? What percentage overlap would these two groups display if shown in a Venn diagram? Would a third group added to said diagram overlap at all with Comcast users?

Second, from 6-14-13:

The 'Too Much" is showing the least here...

The ‘Too Much” is showing the least here…

Sandra, on the left shows too much in a dress (note that it is a question asking for our judgment) but yet Kate’s boobs are all over the next thumbnail. I’m not even sure how to process that these things are happening under the header of a vacation with a woman in a bikini. The mental dissonance is rising.

Third, dated 9-12-13:

McCarthy was Playmate of the Year in 1994.

McCarthy was Playmate of the Year in 1994.

The middle video is titled “McCarthy Raises Eyebrows” and the URL for the video bares the title “Jenny-McCarthy-Shows-Too-Much”. This is the point where I am obliged to point out that her entire career is founded on being a Playboy Playmate, which I am fine with, but the shock of her body being displayed must have worn off since that was in the early 90s. This video is flanked by offsetting videos, one asking for speculation on a woman’s fidelity to a man known to wander himself and a rare positive transgender commentary.

What really irks me about these repeated postings are how painfully and obviously women are held to contrary standards and we, as users of the site, are asked to pass some sort of judgment. Don’t show too much skin because society will judge you but at the same time society really wants you to wow in a mini only a few weeks after you’ve had a baby!

*I’m going to assume that Comcast isn’t spending much time curating their content and is instead blasting at the wall whatever muck they think people will (and probably do) click on. The “Brave New World” model rings more true than the “1984” model of the modern world for me. What pushed me over the edge from the site being mindlessly bad and focused on America’s obsession with loving and shaming boobs to being actively anti-woman was this screen shot from 9/19/13.

Damn it women!  Someone somewhere in annoyed with a thing you do so stop it!

Damn it women! Someone somewhere in annoyed with a thing you do so stop it!

THINGS EVERY WOMAN SHOULD STOP DOING “A new list draws attention to 23 bad habits most women have”. I refused to click the link.

Really, Comcast? Why?! Is there a corresponding list for men?

I read an interesting article sent to me by my friend Drew in The Chronicle of Higher Education (the article is behind a subscription wall or I would post the link) that had this line from Kim Stanley Robinson, a science-fiction novelist:

Justice is a technology, he said. When women have equal rights, the birthrate plummets; population growth, which imperils human existence, “is solved by justice.”

I want more of that technology and way less of the grim no win scenario that Comcast is perpetuating through its technology.


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