The Onion On My Internet Belt

Dad At Bedtime

While I deliver him into harm
Or near enough to it that a sort
Of seasickness grips me,
His main concern: Will the bubbles
Last long enough to make a beard
Of them? A materialist.
Yes, they will last.

He is an existentialist as I try
To wash the shampoo from his hair.
Towel and rub down, hustle up
Stairs he stops on the fourth
Riser to ask “Dad? Do you hear
All the water underground”?
Yes, I hear the dark currents.

After the stories and another
Drink of water, he becomes
A pacifist. Non-violent protest
Wearing away the injustice of
An early bedtime. Scurrying
From the third warning, Full Dad
Tone with Maximum Implications
To his confused question:
Yes, my love for you will
Always be bigger than any mad.

Comments on: "Dad At Bedtime" (4)

  1. This is a very interesting piece of writing open to an assortment of interpretation. I enjoy it very much. —–Chagall

  2. I think this is my favourite poem of any I’ve read of yours. I love how you switch perspectives from “harm” and the “grip” of “seasickness” to “bubbles” and the lighthearted silliness of a bubble “beard”.

    Also, the line “Yes, I hear the dark currents” gave me chills.

    Well done.

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