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What is the difference between a pile and a collection? Curation.

While I have a pile of records, I have a collection of colored vinyl. The picture below is a strong sample of that collection. Most of these were collected between 1993 and 1997 while I worked at KUMM FM (89.7 FM) which is the radio station of the University of Minnesota, Morris campus. We used to get all sorts of strange promos and one of the hooks was colored vinyl 45 rpm singles. A couple of these records are really very good. Most of them are forgettable. That juxtaposition where I keep the artifact for the item and not the information on it tickles me. The colored LPs all came later.

Colored Vinyl: A Collection

Other than being visually interesting, I think there is a fun fact about this collection: It contains a high number of pieces that originate in Minnesota. I have no secret love of my home state but such a density is unintentional.

So, why am I sharing this beyond the colorful aesthetic appeal? Well, I have to admit that there is a hope on my part that this collection will end up in a museum. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts will be soon opening an exhibit called “It’s New/It’s Now” which focuses on recent gifts of contemporary art (here is more information on the exhibit ). The MIA has made a flickr group, as they have done with a couple other exhibits, asking for participation of the community. The group description says:

Share your collection—at the museum! Selected collections from everyday collectors (like you!) will appear in a special pop-up installation in the museum’s lobby throughout the run of this exhibition. Show us what you’ve been stalking and/or stockpiling and share your passions with museum visitors.*

How cool is that?! I have been lucky enough to have some of my other work on display via this sort of community involvement with past exhibits at the MIA and would love to have that happen again! I may be asking for your help, friendly reader, later, for this part:

May 20–31: Vote on Facebook for your favorite collection from finalists selected by the MIA.*

So, yeah, if you are on Friendface** (which I am not) I may be asking for your help later if things go well.

Thanks for checking out the blog, the records, and for paying lip service to helping in the possible future!

*The full flickr group page from which the above italicized text comes from:

** That is an IT Crowd joke…


Comments on: "A Collection and a Hope" (4)

  1. Pretty!

    Are those *really* the call letters of the radio station?

  2. And waddya mean you have a “pile” of records? Are they not filed alphabetically and chronologically and by genre, as mine are?

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