The Onion On My Internet Belt

The weather in the Twin Cities on 4/11/13 was atrocious and I say this as someone who has grown up here. The amount of foreboding and doom forecast was high. The ability of the populace to endure, even as hardened to suffering of the winter climes as they are, was taxed to its upper limits. This included me.

I didn’t do a show this week because of the crushing gloom but I did find an intriguing substitute.

A few years ago I started-ran-and-concluded a project called IISTIA (or, If It Sucks, Throw It Away). It was a series of mixes that I did with little preparation and no safety net. I sat down with a pile of music and what flowed out of the mixing board through the Tascam and onto disc (I’ve got a lot of audio equipment at home) as it happened was all there was and no more. I would then make a couple copies and hand them out capriciously. It was a full embrace of the ephemeral moment and not a stab at longevity. Without the baggage of permanence I was able to enjoy the moment and hence the mixing process again.

I’ve been spending some time culling the CD collection lately. Some of this is for the most practical of reasons (space) and some of it is that I am losing my interest in dragging so much history around. Half a dozen IISTIA mixes made it into the collection and those are now being jettisoned. I’m OK with that. Part of me wonders why I even saved the few I did. Below, for your aural enjoyment, is an undated (they are all undated) and soon to be lost to time, IISTIA.

NB: No albums are listed because I didn’t keep records of these that closely. Embrace the mystery!

Listen to and/or download this show! The Funkomaticjamatron Presents… Originally a version of IISTIA, 4.11.13

“The Funkomaticjamatron Presents…” streams live 5-6 pm Central Time, Thursdays on KUST.

NOTE: The show archives are generally ten shows deep. Beyond that, if the link isn’t active, the mix has been deleted to make way for new material.

Song – Artist
Get A Move On – Scruff.
Les and Eddie – Mocean Worker.
Mr. Jones – Red.
Shakertrance – Dubtribe Sound System.
Seaside Atmosphere – Stef, Pako, & Frederick.
Syncope (Edit) – Tom Porcell.
Nobody Never – 2 Bit Pie.
Pray For You – Plump DJs.
Te Queiro (Intrallazzi Provera a Miami Mix) – The Cube Guys.
Holding the Moth (Audiojack Remix) – underworld.
Cocaine (DJ Wag Mix) – Yakooza.
Teardrop – Massive Attack.


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