The Onion On My Internet Belt

Usually I have a good idea of what spawned a mix or where the original idea mutated into the thing that crawls over the wires between you and me. That is not the case with this mix.

Looking at it after the fact I see only three cuts are recent (Sounds From the Ground, Kris Menace, and Etienne De Crecy) while others (Babble, LFO) range back more than a decade which skews the age of this mix backwards quite a ways. What was I doing back in those archives? It wasn’t a conscious choice to wander off so far.

There also came the strange place in running this mix that I ran out of steam. Being the parent of a four year old takes its toll on the body and about forty minutes into this the taxman came for his due.

What does all this mean? Most likely nothing. This writing is the shadow that falls between the idea and the reality of the music. The creation is before you but the conception is clouded and lost between the bits of broken glass that rats run over in the cellar.

But that is the wrong poetry to reference today, isn’t it? Let it stand as thus: “Speak, hands, for me!”.

Listen to and/or download this show! The Funkomaticjamtron Presents… Originally broadcast on 3.14.13

“The Funkomaticjamatron Presents…” streams live 5-6 pm Central Time, Thursdays on KUST.

NOTE: The show archives are generally ten shows deep. Beyond that, if the link isn’t active, the mix has been deleted to make way for new material.

Song – Artist –Album
Reflections – Alcyone – The Stars Are Real.
The Circle – Babble – Ether.
In The Waiting Line – Zero 7 – Simple Things.
Falling Into Place – Carmen Rizzo – Ornament of an Imposter.
Ghost Ship – Bonobo – Black Sands Remixed.
Fields of Green & Yellow – Sounds From The Ground – Wider World.
Tonight (IMS Anthem 2009 Pt1 Above & Beyond Remix) – Dirty Vegas – Tonight single.
In Your Eyes (Blue Mix) – Filterheadz ft Orange 3 – In Your Eyes single.
A Modern Midnight Conversation – The Chemical Brothers – We Are The Night.
Trusting Me (Le Crayon Remix) – Kris Menace – Trusting Me single.
Overnet – Etienne De Crecy – Essentials.
Tied Up Electro – LFO – Tied Up single.


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