The Onion On My Internet Belt

I listen to a lot of podcasts. Since I can’t hook my ipod up to my car stereo (it’s a mess of broken cords and dead speakers) I put them on disc and listen to them (out of the one front speaker) that way. One that tends to gather some age before being consumed and also tends to get more than one listen per episode is Poetry Off the Shelf, which is part of The Poetry Foundation and is hosted by Curtis Fox.

An episode that I particularly enjoyed recently is about William Matthews. During the episode, the guest comments that Matthews describes the four main subjects for lyric poetry. I think these are both funny and painfully insightful:
1. I went out into the woods today and it made me feel, you know, sort of religious.
2. We’re not getting any younger.
3. It sure is cold and lonely (a) without you, honey, or (b) with you, honey.
4. Sadness seems but the other side of the coin of happiness, and vice versa, and in any case the coin is too soon spent, and on we know not what.

While I am sure many things I have written fall into one or more of these types, I am not sure how I feel about that. There is certainly a wince in the light of truth, but pop songs about love resonate for a reason, right?

These types are, I’m sure, going to resonate with me as I continue to plug away at poems.

Listen to this entire episode of Poetry Off The Shelf from 6/26/12 via this link:

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