The Onion On My Internet Belt

It would be fair to say that I like music that often falls outside of the mainstream. One of the styles that has caught my attention time and time again is the idea of an interview spliced into and over a beat. This works with slices of audio books as well.

A year or so ago I found this fantastic album by Delia Derbyshire on UbuWeb called “Dreams”. The set up is that Derbyshire (who you might know as the musician who performed the first iteration of the Dr. Who theme) takes parts of interviews with people talking about their dreams and weaves them over her synth magic.

That album is here, first entry on the page (though I would strongly suggest you check out her other pioneering work too!):

Another good example is the track “Tock Tick” by Simon Heselev with Kurt Vonnegut reading parts of “Slaughterhouse Five”. Here is an MP3 of that work that I think needs no further introduction:

Yesterday I discovered this project:

The blurb from Co-Sign (the distributor of the EP) reads as such:
“Music for Sleeping Children is a unique collaborative project by visual artist Charlie White and musician and producer Boom Bip. Together the pair have created an EP of dance tracks based on in-depth interviews of teenage girls with accompanying photographic images. Each of Music for Sleeping Children’s five tracks captures the essence of a different teenager. The original interviews were painstaking edited and set against the pin-sharp Boom Bip productions they inspired, whilst the visual element was born out of White’s intensive photographic study of a teenage girl living in the isolated suburbs of southern California.”

I’ve given it a couple listens and find it to be really intriguing, engaging, and the editing of the interviews gives the people in it real depth. I don’t think the name of the project makes a lot of sense though. Since you can listen to the whole project online as well as see the photos that go with it, I figured I would share.



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